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Q. What information will make it easier to achieve a match/successful verification?
A. full name including first name and middle initial, full address including postcode, date of birth and driving licence reference number should provide a high possibility of match and verification.

Q. What if the customer has not been at their current address for long enough to match against the underlying databases?
A. Also enter their previous address where they should be registered on the credit and electoral registers.

Q. Can I retrieve the CVI certificate or the full certificate after leaving that customer record?
A. No, so ensure you print the certificates as soon as they are delivered on screen and probably best to save them as PDFs to your customer records.

Q. How accurate does the date entered property need to be?
A. Bear in mind the underlying databases, e.g. Electoral Register, are often not updated for several months after the person moved into address and customers often do not recall the exact date, these dates should be as close as is reasonably achievable.

Q. How do I add/remove extra users for my firm?
A. The local administrator for your firm will add/remove users under their login at “Manage Users”. Other users cannot access this functionality.

Q. How do I top-up my account?
A. The billing user for your firm will be able to do this under their login.

Q. Can I pay by direct debit?
A.  Not currently, but you can purchase additional blocks of checks using a credit/debit card online. Payment by direct debit is planned for a later upgrade for those firms that conduct a large volume of checks.

Q. Why does the Windows ‘refresh’ button kick me out and back to the home page?
A. This is for security reasons and stops cross browser or session hacking and is done because of the data GB Group processes.

Q. Do I need the customers’ permission to carry out an IDV Verification check?
A.  No, this is not a credit check. However, firms should inform customers that they will, from time to time, in accordance with the anti-money laundering regulations, verify their identity using electronic systems. Your Terms of Business is the obvious place for this to be inserted.

Q. Is it true that conducting electronic ID verification checks leave a footprint on the customer’s record?
A. A ‘lite’ footprint will be left on the customer’s record confirming that an identity verification check has been carried out. This will not affect their credit rating as does the footprint from a credit check.

Q. Does eIDV include checks against the Treasury Sanctions list, Office of Foreign Assets Control, Politically Exposed Persons listings and Royal Mail redirect register?
A. Yes. Matches against these lists would cause a customer to be referred to the MLRO.

Q. No content is displayed in centre of page/screen but green borders are displayed.
A. This is probably due to another person logging in with the same details. Login details should be unique to each user and not shared.

Helpful Hints


  • Check spelling of all names as incorrectly spelt names will not match
  • Better chances of successfully verifying the identity of customers can be achieved by entering full name including first name and middle initial, full address including postcode, date of birth and driving licence reference number.
  • Using the postcode look-up button will clarify the address and improve the chances of a match on the underlying databases.
  • Remember that resubmitting the same data will not change the result. If a customer fails, don’t click the try again button without checking and changing incorrect details, e.g. typos. You will be charged for each check.
  • Ensure you PRINT the CVI certificate using the print icon on top right of screen and check and print the Full Certificate as your audit trail. DO NOT EXIT this area before printing these documents.
  • For electronic storage and retrieval of these certificates, we suggest you print them both to Adobe PDF format and file electronically.
  • If, when you select print, your print dialogue box does not include a printer titled “Adobe PDF” you could download one of the many options available. For example go to and search for “adobe creator” to find one of the many free programmes.